We firmly believe that our employees play a key role in the industrial competitiveness of our customers. Indeed, Orsam Energies’ employees are its greatest strength: they share the same culture of safety and security, the same enthusiasm for bold action and fresh challenges. Their reliability, expertise and experience have earned Orsam the trust of Majors, Service Providers, and Contractors. That is why we invest every day in their safety, training and development, and in making sure their skills are passed on.


  • A safety culture shared by all
  • Feedback and concrete actions at the heart of the methodology
  • With the HSE Camp and HSE Academy, safety is achieved through training
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 3834-2: Strong quality management system

local commitment

  • International partner presence throughout Africa
  • A long-term and sustainable commitment to team development
  • A relation of trust with local clients and regulatory agencies
  • A commitment to employee training development
  • Involvement, education, training and skills & technology transfer
  • A progressive employment plan of national collaborators across the organisational chain
  • Investment in infrastructure and equipment

financial stability

  • A strong and reputable Ghanaian company
  • Reliable support from financial institutions
  • Ability to source necessary funding


  • A global presence
  • The guarantee of being able to mobilize human resources and equipment quickly


  • The expertise of our teams is our greatest asset
  • Significant resources committed to ensuring a high level of quality
  • Specialized training courses

Traceability & Transparency

  • A global vision for the management of your projects
  • Optimal visibility of the productivity, quality, budget and scheduling of your activities
  • Exemplary traceability for the equipment used
  • Strict ethics and compliance policies


  • Our approach: continuous innovation for processes and equipment
  • Innovative technologies: real-time logistics tracking
  • State of the art equipment

Customer Service Relations

  • A sincere commitment to a sustainable development policy for reasonable growth
  • Joint improvement of environmental performance
  • Customer feedback KPI metrics

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