Orsam Energies supports both clients and energy producers by offering turnkey solutions extending from design to operation, while integrating installation maintenance. From gas-fired power plants, hydroelectric installations, wind-turbine and solar-energy farms, or biomass systems, whether for revamping operations or the construction of new sites, Orsam strives to provide reliable and cost-effective power production, responding to the environmental and development needs of the local economy and the aims of public and private authorities.

Revamping & Maintenance

Orsam can organize and plan your revamping work (mechanical & electrical) and the management of all the intervention interfaces to minimize the downtime of your installations. Based on proven procedures and techniques, we provide high-quality services that are strictly compliant with safety and quality requirements.

Construction Works

Orsam offers a wide range of construction-related services. Its entire know-how is made available to its clients to ensure full control over their major projects. Orsam possesses the necessary competencies to support you in the assembly of structures, equipment and piping for units, whether built from scratch or to be modernized.


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